My Shivan Painting

Hi Friends,

I don’t know the exact age, when I started drawing and painting. I started asking myself, since when? Queried my archived memory, but not surprised with the result. Output was 'you started drawing from your young age, but you realized that you are also an artist ( ;) ) from your high school'. Heard many stories of lord shiva and I became a big fan of him, especially for his third eye. Whenever I see shiva paintings or graphics, I used to focus more on the details. We didn’t have mobile that time, no broadband, had a dial-up internet connection. Using that very high speed internet, those days, I searched for many shiva paintings. I liked many, but none made me think I wanted to paint that.

That high school time, I would see his third eye in my dreams. So I painted his eyes, normal eyes with third eye, over my room's wall. I had one photo, but can't get it now. Will search and will post, when I find that. Not yet satisfied with my work.

The search continued within me for several years, until 2015 Christmas holidays. I found a face painting of shiva, which I used as a base. Had my creative visualisation over that and sat for the painting. Since it has been a few years since I ever touched the paint brush, I was uncertain about the output. Though I lacked confidence, my inner self wanted to go about just so I could get a satisfaction and here you see, every single stage of the my artwork!

Stages of my Lord Shiva painting - water color

This was my painting. At the end I was so happy that I did something good. I shared this in my facebook and was happy with likes and comments.

Years passed and I started painting on canvas with acrylic. I painted very few and thought I should definitely paint one Shiva, my favorite. Googled for more samples. Same as before, none impressed me painting the same piece. I wanted to show shiva's face, trisulam, snake and mount kailash in one painting. Now my creativity has to flow by seeing samples. Took a few samples and colleague myself and had a final piece in my mind. Now, my challenge was I wanted to paint the same, which was in my mind.

Usually I used to paint on weekends or midnights. The painting was ready in my mind. I went for a movie, first show and came back by 10 pm. As said by our APJ Abdul Kalam, “Dream is not the thing you see in sleep, but is that thing that doesn't let you sleep.”, really the same moment happened. I went to bed and slept. My painting came in my mind and made me wake up. It was already late night, 11:45 pm, I took my canvas board and other painting kits. Sketched the outline and painted shiva face. Then went to sleep by 2:30 pm.

Got up by 5:30 am. It was not the alarm, it was my dream, took me off from bed. Then I painted still 6 pm, with two long breaks, one for breakfast and lunch. I completed but felt incomplete. Then I realized, I missed his third eye and painted that one in his forehead. Also painted shiva's left eye, for an effect. Seeing the finished painting as an audience, I liked it so much. I posted it in whatsapp status and facebook. Seeing my whatsapp status, my friend was interested and bought it for 7000 INR.

Final Shiva Painting
Final Shiva Painting

Stages of Shiva Painting
Stages of Shiva Painting 

I never thought I would sell my painting for this amount. This painting was done with acrylic on canvas board, painted on 1-9-2018.

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Rakesh S Kumar